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Terafox TEBS Business Game

BNG image Terafox TEBS is a universal business game and at the same time a business simulator - a tool for developing your enterprise and your personnel. You can use TEBS in many ways - on your own, or as a tool operated by a consultant or a coach. E-learning is an evolving phenomenon; simulation based learning will the next stage. Using a game, learning of business skills and developing the business is both fun and motivating! Terafox TEBS utilizes the Net, is easy-to-use and supports fully Experience Based Learning.

Builder's Net Game

Finnish Employers' Management Development Institute Game for Construction Industry

Evalo Business Simulation Mobile

Main Purpose: Learning Economical, Managerial and Leadership Skills

Ebsm is a business simulation game pointed to Series 60 enabled devices (mobile phones), which teaches the principal rules, concepts and rationale of the business and gives exercise in decision making as well as develops the gaming skills of the player. The game needs four players, which is also the maximum number in this version.

All the most crucial basic functions of an enterprise are involved in the simulation. It covers financing, development of the product, development of personnel know-how and organization, production, marketing and selling.

The winner is the player, whose company has the biggest market value, which will be calculated using several indicators. The players will get besides the economical evaluation, so called "manager score" depending on the organizational and personnel dependent decisions and actions.

Evalo Business Simulation Mobile is based on Series 60 MIDP Java technology and GPRS connections.

JTOBS - JTO Maestro BisnesSimulaattori as a Java Applett

The user interface of the business game of Finnish Employers' Management Development Institute game interface image